Divorce Lawyer Norfolk

Everyone who’s ever had to go through a divorce is fully aware of how emotionally taxing they can be. Not only that, but the truth is that in order to reach a positive outcome for your case, you need to consider hiring a well reputed Divorce Lawyer, Norfolk in VA. The more experienced the attorney, the higher your chances of going through this successfully.

Let Our Divorce Lawyer Norfolk Guide You through the Entire Divorce Process

The outcome of a divorce is the number one thing that scares most people having to go through one and that is why they want to make sure the attorney they hire can help meet their needs and concerns. As one of the best lawyer agencies in VA, we do our best in order to find amicable solutions that both parties can agree on so that the divorce process can move forward as smooth as possible. We also know that a very contentious family law dispute or conflict issues can get very expensive, so that’s why we effectively use mediation, negotiation, collaborative law and arbitration in order to reach the best outcome for both parties involved.

We’re well versed in a wide range of divorce issues, with some examples including contested divorce, high conflict custody disputes, characterization of assets, income tracing, protective orders, domestic violence, but also hiding or wasting of marital assets, high asset divorce, division of businesses, valuation of businesses, marital agreements, alimony, uncontested divorce, military divorce, child support, parenting plans, child custody and equitable division of marital assets.

Divorce Lawyer Norfolk: Get the Proper Representation You Need In Court

Divorces can be very turbulent and that is why we offer our clients the compassionate environment they need in order to feel better and realize that there is indeed a lot of hope for their case. Lu Aloupas is a very experienced trial attorney with a lot of experience in divorce cases and over the years he’s helped hundreds of clients reach a positive outcome for their case. His aim is to ensure that the case affects the client as little as possible. Lu also works with the client in order to avoid any types of conflicts that may arise during the divorce process which may have a negative impact on the outcome.

Divorce Lawyer Norfolk: We Can Deal With Any Type of Divorce Case and Always Meet Your Needs and Concerns

Reaching an amicable settlement is one of the things we’re very good at and we’ll work hard to make that possible for your case as well. In some cases, the other party can make reaching a solution very difficult and that is why we take the time in order to listen to what they have to say and then come up with a solution that favors both parties involved.

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