Divorce Lawyer Chesapeake

Having to go through a divorce can have a massive negative impact on your life, including your emotional, and financial well being. To prevent exposing yourself to such large losses, it’s very important that you hire a Divorce Lawyer, Chesapeake VA to help you reach the best outcome for your case. After all, the outcome can have great consequences not only on your life, but also that of your children.

Allow a Well Reputed and Experienced Divorce Lawyer, Chesapeake to Guide You through the Process

A divorce can be very difficult to go through and here at Aloupas Law P.L.L.C. we completely understand that. Given our great experience with divorce cases, we’ll work diligently with you in order to defuse any potential fear and animosity that can prevent us from reaching a favorable resolution of your divorce issues. When you put things in perspective, it’s easy to see that a divorce can be very taxing in more ways than one. We can use alternate dispute resolution techniques, such as mediation, arbitration, collaborative law approaches and more in order to reach the outcome you’re satisfied with.

We can also help you with many other divorce related issues, such as alimony, contested divorce, high conflict custody disputes, characterization of assets, income tracing, protective orders, domestic violence, but also hiding or wasting of marital assets, high asset divorce, military divorce, division of businesses, valuation of businesses, marital agreements, alimony, uncontested divorce, child support, parenting plans, child custody and equitable division of marital assets.

Our Divorce Lawyer, Chesapeake Will Properly Represent You in Court 

Our divorce lawyers will help you go through the divorce process by offering you a sympathetic environment that’s designed to calm your fears and guide the case towards an optimistic and positive future.  Lu Aloupas is one of our best trial attorneys that will help you with your case. It’s important to know that in cases where family disputes are involved, there are no winners. In such cases, we’ll help you go through the divorce process with as few losses as possible.

Divorce Lawyer Chesapeake: We Come Up With Solutions Specifically Tailored To Your Needs

Amicable settlements are very important in such cases and that’s why we always pursue them when possible. While such solutions are great for avoiding unnecessary costs and stress, there are times when one of the parties can make reaching one such solution impossible. Our attorneys will carefully listen to you in order to learn everything they can about the case and then use that information in order to come up with strategies that can get you the favorable outcome you’re looking for. Also, litigation may be required in cases where substance abuse, adultery, bodily harm or child abuse are involved, but we’ll do our best to minimize the losses associated with any of them as much as possible.

Be sure to get in touch with us today by E-mailing or calling us at 757-707-8560. Our Divorce Lawyer Chesapeake is more than happy to sit down and talk about your case and come up with a strategy to help you reach an outcome you’re comfortable with!