Divorce Attorney Chesapeake

Whether you had to go through a divorce in the past or are going through one right now, you are probably aware of how disastrous it can be when it comes to your financial and emotional wellbeing. It’s not only that, but you also have to deal with massive changes in your life and the stress that comes along with them. To make this a little easier on you though, it’s recommended that you hire a Divorce Attorney Chesapeake to help you go through everything.

Get the Guidance You Need By Hiring an experienced Divorce Attorney, Chesapeake 

The outcome of the divorce is probably the number one factor that scares a lot of people who are going through a divorce. At Aloupas Law P.L.L.C., we know very well that highly contentious family law disputes or a high conflict divorce can result in a lot of unnecessary costs and that’s why we do our best in order to minimize them as much as possible. We can use many techniques in order to reach a favorable resolution for a wide range of issues, such as contested divorce, high conflict custody disputes, characterization of assets, income tracing, protective orders, domestic violence, but also hiding or wasting of marital assets, high asset divorce, division of businesses, valuation of businesses, marital agreements, alimony, uncontested divorce, child support, parenting plans, child custody and equitable division of marital assets.

Proper Representation by Our Divorce Attorney, Chesapeake VA in Any Type of Divorce Cases

Aloupas Law P.L.L.C. are top trial lawyers who will help you go through your divorce as fast, simple, and painless as possible. When it comes to family law disputes, it’s important to know that there are no winners. Our goal is to help you get through the divorce with the minimum of anxiety, cost and stress while fighting to reach the best outcome that meets your needs and concerns. Where child visitation and custody is concerned, we will work hard in order to reach solutions that are mutually agreeable by both parties in order to minimize unnecessary costs and reduce anxiety and stress as well. Our goal is to help you build a lasting and stable custody arrangement, but also parenting plans that benefit every party involved.

Divorce Attorney, Chesapeake: We Can Come Up With Solutions to Meet Your Concerns and Goals

Aloupas Law P.L.L.C. focuses on reaching an amicable solution that benefits both parties so that we avoid unnecessary anxiety, stress and costs. There may also be cases where one of the parties can make reaching a solution more difficult. Some examples include cases where child abuse, domestic violence and substance abuse are involved. It’s true that divorces in VA can be granted on a fault and no fault basis, yet this usually results in more contentious litigation.

Our experienced Divorce Attorney Chesapeake, Lu Aloupas will do everything he can in order to avoid these costs and help you reach an outcome you’re content with.

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