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Criminal Appeals in Chesapeake, Hampton, Norfolk and Virginia Beach

Unfortunately, not every trial ends the way a client expected. Both Criminal and Civil Appeals are controlled by strict deadlines and filing procedures; it is important to have an experienced attorney who not only understands those procedures, but who can prepare your case to be heard by a different court. Lu Aloupas is just such an attorney. The standards the appellate courts use to evaluate a case are usually different from the standards the trial court’s use. At Aloupas Law, I will build on the strong points from your first trial, while successfully addressing the weaknesses of the earlier case, and work diligently to advocate your position successfully. These are not easy cases, so whomever you decide to hire will most likely have a direct impact on your case, and it’s outcome.

A Winning Strategy for Appeals:

When appealing from Circuit Court to the Court of Appeals and beyond, Lu Aloupas, Esq. will take her powers of persuasion to the page, presenting clear, well-reasoned legal arguments in every document she files on your behalf. Appellate procedures require thorough knowledge of the rules and practices of the appeals courts, from the deadlines for notices to the required colors of brief cover. Let’s discuss your case now. I will conduct an analysis of your original case top to bottom and provide you with straight forward advice regarding the chances of success. Whether its Criminal Appeals or Civil Appeals, I am here to help.

• Motion to Reconsider the Sentence (Criminal)

Appeal from General District or Juvenile Court to Circuit Court

• Appeal to the Court of Appeals and Virginia Supreme Court

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